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QuotientTheory™ is an Educational Platform runned by Xpertconsoritum Technologies LLP for enhancing quality of education.

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XpertConsortium® (a.k.a Xpertconsortium Technologies LLP ) is an Indian company dealt with all computer pertaining solutions, extending its business all over the world.We have an eminent pack of employees anytime, ready for solving various computer related problems.Our Vision is to re-engineer the life in such way that life become simple and awesome.To Achieve our vision we use various facets of computation and its infrastructures.We have clients from various fields including IT industry.We serve every client and his/her/company’s problem at its supreme level by converting problem into mathematical form for performing engineering concepts on it.

We XC’ian, are ready to cater our services for the upliftment of the educational programmes prevailing around, into the next level for competing with future cyber needs.For the above, we unveil QuotientTheory™ - an educational platform whose sole vision is to nurture and enhance the quality of education.

QuotientTheory™ is an Educational Platform runned by Xpertconsortium Technologies LLP for enhancing quality of education. QuotientTheory™ can be an event or an institutional programme but the sole vision of the programme is to nurture and enhance the quality of education. The programme ‘ll help every candidate to learn Computer related topics in an systematical way through which they can learn the topics at its best. Web Development, Mobile Development, Desktop Software Development, High-Computation Application Software, Data Science and Data Analytics, Machine-Learning, Cloud-Computing, Video-Editing, Visual-Effects etc. are some of the topics which ‘ll be introduced soon for the public Training.

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QuotientTheory™ Course Design

Though the course topic is big, we have designed the workshop in such way that it can convey the knowledge in a simpler way within a limited time.We have used engineering concepts to enhance the workshop experience. The concept includes three key points THEORY,DESIGN and IMPLEMENTATION. The combination of these key points will let the common and also the techies, to learn and understand the essence of the workshop in the best way. Thereby, to realise the above mentioned concept, we have included two projects and few short programs in the course plan.Thus the QuotientTheory™ WDECE1 is not simply a Web development workshop, it is characterized by Project-Based Course Design.

Industrial Web Development Training

QuotientTheory™ Industrial web development training is a technology training programme where we provide training sessions purely focusing on the industrial web development requirements. The Programme has been designed in such a way that any one with bare minimum computer knowledge can acquire the course benefit. Web portal , Web app, Web based Destop application, Web based Mobile application are the main highlights of the training programme.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Detailed / Abstract study of project.

Eg: Technical Feasibility, Infrastructural study etc.


Project Outline.

By Considering Project Theory.


Project Outline.

By Considering Project Theory.


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